THUNDERCATS ISSUE 1 to 100 MARVEL COMIC 1987 all mixed some issues mising

listen up folks I have one these 1st edition comics the new thunder cats movie is due to be released next year I no they will be worth more money at the time don't miss out on this I have not put no pictures on yet but I will be very soon some how these comics are all mint condition with original silver logo sticker in middle if you guys want to talk about a price with me for all five or just one comic drop me a line and we can work a deal out for a price as you no these comics are over twenty years old but none are torn and all in good condition this is the last comic its not gona go cheap I have issues 1 to 9 and another 30 or 50 issues up to issue 100 all for one price just ask me and I'll tell you OK folks some issues missing