Thurman Munson 1971 Topps card #55. PRICING: This card is being sold on consignment. At the request of the owner, the "buy it now" price is firm. This card is priced at Beckett's full book value based on condition which is 10% of NM value. CONDITION: This card is generally in G condition. It will have some or possibly all of the flaws that Beckett considers acceptable for cards in that condition CONDITION DEFINTION: Good
Centering: 90/10 both ways or better on front. 100/0 or offcut on back. Noticeable diamond cutting is allowed.
Corners: Noticeably rounded or heavily notched corners with moderate layering.
Edges: Severely chipped, notched or layered.
Surface: Severe print spots. Noticeable creases. Noticeable color or focus imperfections. Noticeable border discoloration. Heavy wax stains. Moderate ink mark or tape stain. A surface devoid of gloss. Noticeable scuffing or a noticeable tear. CONDITION DISCLAIMER: I am not a professional card grader although I consider myself to be quite strict in my approach to grading cards. I feel that I have a very good understanding of Beckett's definition of the different condition grades and have done my best to give these cards their appropriate grade. SHIPPING: This card will be shipped in a top-load card holder inside a protective padded mailer. Take advantage of my
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