Tiara Exclusives Sandwich Glass Amber 12" Egg Tray NR

TIARA AMBER SANDWICH GLASS EGG TRAY 12" NO RESERVEby TIARA EXCLUSIVES 1978-1989 History of Tiara Glassware Tiara Glass, which operated for 28 years, was marketed by Tiara Exclusives located in Dunkirk, Indiana. Sold through home parties between the years of 1970 to 1998. Tiara Exclusives was started by the Indiana Glass Company. Both of these companies were owned by Lancaster Colony corp. Indiana glass manufactured much of the glassware for Tiara. Indiana Glass Company closed in 1989. Tiara glass was also manufactured by Fenton Art Glass and L. E. Smith. T were some molds which had the Tiara name within the piece and on some of the baskets at the base of the handle, initials were used to identify the experienced person involved with the making of the item. Although most Tiara glassware was identified by a paper label. Tiara glass is highly collectible! In my researching I have discovered many items that are very hard to find. Tiara sold their sandwich dinnerware in the following colors: Ruby (1970 only, handmade) Amber (1971 - 1989) Colonial Blue (Bicentennial) Limited Edition of 15,000 sets or less (1976 only) Crystal ( 1978, 1985, 1993-1998) Chantilly Green (1982 - 1991) Peach (1989-1998) (not pink) Spruce (1993-1998) Plum 1999 (Home Interiors) T were also special Sandwich items made in Yellow Mist, Teal, Etched Crystal, Pine Green, ... read more