Tibet,Tibetan 6 EYE Dzi,Ze,Dze BEAD So MUCH MORE SENSE

WE HAVE A VERY SPECIAL COLLECTION of beads along with our old Tibetan Coins that have been offered for us to sell from a very special source that owned them over a lifetime. These coins and beads have not seen the light of day for over 35 years and are being released right now for this year of change and this is not just a political slogan its more real in ways you will not believe.

These days evil is everyw and can take away everything you think you own. One little moment and you have a few seconds to be shielded from disaster and that is part of the legend of the bead. As quoted in Vol. 23 No. 10 October 1998 in Sinora Magazine The Legends of Dzi Beads article; Three years ago the world was stunned when a China Airline plane crashed in Nagoya. One of the crash's only two survivors, a Mr. Chen, speculated during a television interview that he may well have survived because he was wearing a nine eyed Dzi bead amulet.

Guardians against evil, expellers of bad karma, bringer of health, wealth and good fortune a bead such as this one has the potential to be your greatest asset you will ever own.

THE MAGIC SIXTH SENSE aka INTUITION is part of the auctions today see VAJRASATTVA STATUE and the SIX HAS HUGE MEANING in many spiritual teachings which includes the influences of the UNIVERSE and the SIX DAYS of CREATION

THE 3 in the 6 consider the most sacred of numbers to the Buddhist due to the 333 or 3 + 3 + 3 = 9. THE NUMBER OF KWAN YIN and CHENRAZI see the connection to this weeks other auctions. The 3s signifies completeness and wholeness. On its more spiritual aspects it is also a number of the trinity which rings true to so many religions and the concepts of Man, Woman and Child and Past, Present and Future and more!

DZI EYE BEAD FACTS ~ is some interesting facts about this very sacred magical eye bead. As these beads and talismans were distributed around the far reaches of this isolated country, legends began to circulate amongst the mountain people. Far away from the isolated monasteries that produced them, the villagers believed these amazing objects were thrown down form Heaven by the gods to protect those living on the harsh plains. They seemed to have an energy of their own, protecting their owners from physical disaster on the lonely mountain trails, and bringing them serenity and enlightened consciousness. The Buddhist texts speak of many BENEFITS to wearing a Zi bead. For example in the Medicine Buddha's Teachings, it says that the Zee stone will help heal illnesses, particularly blood-related diseases. Other teachings state that the dzi stone will PROTECT a person from ill-willed enemies and from their evil curses. The dze stone will REMOVE all OBSTACLES, so that a person will be protected from accidents, natural disasters, and accidental deaths, such as some unfortunate people experience by simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time. They bring GOOD luck and happiness, longlife and protection. They also draw people to you and help provide good fortune and good luck.

SIX EYE BEAD SIZE is 1 3/4 inches long end to end by a bit over 1/2 inch WIDE in the middle. LOVELY BEAD with amazing balance of energy you are going to just love to wear and work with now.

PERFECT for SUMMER TRAVEL and great to give as a graduation gift or anytime you want to guard over a loved one.

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