Up for sale is a great omi-directional Tie-Clip Microphone. This is best for vocal pick-up. It uses a high quality elecret condenser element. Complete with tie-clip and jack plug with built-in battery pre-amp. I have found these to be perfect for depositions! Their frequency response cuts out the room noise leaving the voice crystal clear. I own the expensive mics and like these better. They are powered by a AA battery, not those expensive button batteries! The cable is just over 13 feet and also works great with extension cables. It uses a 1/4" plug, so it works with mixers without adaptors.Frequency Response: 50-1800Hz. Impedance: 1.000 ohm. Sensitivity: -65db at 1K Hz. Power Supply: 1.5 'AA' Battery. Cable 3ø 4m cable.E-mail me with any questions. I ship the same or next business day that the payment clears. I also combine shipping.