Tiffany & Co. Crystal Paperweight "Gift Box

This actually was a gift from the grand opening of a performing arts center for all attendees....which is a pretty cool gift! I had it on my desk for years in both Wisconsin and Illinois. As I was getting ready to pack it, I sadly allowed it to slip from my hand and now there are a couple of small scratches on the top of the bow in the paperweight. No other damage was I put it back in it's box of bubble wrap with the original white ribbon and packed it and hauled it once again down here to my new home in Florida.
However, my whole lifestyle has changed along with having an economy of space which to display items. So it's now on for auction. I have disclosed the scratches in the photos included, so I want you to be aware before you bid.
The original Tiffany & Co. sticker is on the side of the paperweight. The Tiffany & Co. logo is also etched in the bottom of the item. It measures approximately 2" x 2" on the bottom and slightly larger on the box top that overlays it with then again the bow to get an idea of the size.
It's a truly lovely item still despite my slip with it in hand. Pleases feel free to contact me with any questions....this still has lovely life in it and can be either used on your desk or placed in a curio cabinet for display with other treasures.
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