Tiffany & Co Sterling Blackberry Bery ladle w/gold wash


Offered for sale is an exceptional
berry ladle with flat oblong goldwashed bowl.
It measures 9 1/4 in long and has a handle that features very detailed Blackberries w/flowers and vines wrapped along the thick handle
with great definition.
On the back t are more of the same....
Great condition without any damage, dents or bends and is fully marked for Tiffany & Co Makers Sterling as shown and is monogrammed on the front .
The condition is very good.
No chips, cracks or repairs, this ladle has been used ...

(scratches are not deep but I would rather mention everything)
The scene is exceptional and the ladle is very HEAVY & SOLID
If you would like to clean this I would leave that to the new owner...
My pictures were taken indoors on a bench with a lamp above for lighting.

Please don't hesitate to ask any questions BEFORE the end of the auction.

I will answer all questions as honestly as I can.

I am not an expert and can sometimes make mistakes in identifying the pattern.

I usually include several photo's so you can see ALL of the item I do not alter colors.

Please be aware that vintage items have been displayed or used for long periods of time will seldom IF ever,
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