Tiffany Studios Favrile Pottery Cabinet Vase

Scarce Tiffany Studios Favrile Pottery cabinet vase. 4 3/4" height. 4" width. 2 1/4" mouth and 2 3/4" foot. Double gourd design with banding, dark brown, caramel and ochre glaze. Marked with conjoined initials "LCT." Also a hand-incised "7" . *This number refers to the clay formula being used. Very good to excellent condition. No chips, cracks, or bites. External crazing due to age/temperature change. Whether this effects the value is really up to the individual collector. Many collectors consider this a good sign of age, and I feel it does not effect the beauty of the vase. Very little pottery was produced from Tiffany 1901-1920 as it was not popular at the time. The gafers at Corona furnaces would hide pieces from L.C.T. as he made his rounds, so as not to hurt his feelings. Its unpopularity leading to the rarity of pottery pieces today. Thanks for looking. All reasonable offers considered.
*reference "Tiffany Favrile Pottery and the Quest of Beauty" Martin Eidelberg page 81 plate 125