Tiffany Studios Glass and Bronze Stamp Box w/ Insert

This is an authentic Tiffany Studios stamp box in what I believe to be the grape leaf pattern. I will admit that I am not very familiar with these as what I generally collect and sell are lamps, but I do recognize high quality items and this is clearly one of them. The weight of this box given its size is quite amazing. It is solid and very well built. The patina is wonderful, and all of the glass is fine and free of cracks and breaks. This box comes complete with its solid bronze insert, a piece which I would imagine is often missing from these. It took me a while to find the signature as it is quite faint, but it is t I tried to picture it, but my camera could not get the resolution. You will see it when you get it, though, but only if you look close! I can make out Tiffany Studios, but I do not see any other identifying number. I saw one of these recently sell on ebay for with a Buy-Ot-Now or Best Offer that went for $600, but that was the pine needle pattern (see item number 200196527995). I believe this one is better, but you be the judge. Execute the Buy-It-Now or make me a fair offer and it can be yours in a matter of days. Ask any questions you wish, since like I said, I am not an expert on these......but I do fully guarantee it to be a genuine Tiffany Studios piece. Successful buyer to pay $10 shipping/insurance on this ... read more