TIFFIN "CLASSIC"-GREEN LOT-(3)4" goblets&(9)8" plates

STEMWARE LINE# 15011 with the "CLASSIC" etch was made by TIFFIN GLASSMASTERS from 1913-1930's. The Classic Etch is an early Tiffin etch which is well known and most sought after.

In this auction, we offer from the SCARCE TIFFIN LINE# 15011 a LOT of THREE 4" high by 3 1/2" wide low footed sherbets(NILE GREEN STEM& FOOT-CRYSTAL BOWL); and from Tiffin line#8833 a LOT of NINE 8" cake plates in NILE GREEN; all TWELVE ITEMS with the SCARCE & STUNNING "CLASSIC" etching. They are all in Excellent Condition without any cracks, chips, nicks or stains; the low footed sherbets appear to have had very little use; the plates do show some use - holding them up to the light, some utensil marks are evident and a couple of the plates show a few knife indent marks on the edges.

A RARE and DESIREABLE GROUP - in checking EBAY we find that no NILE GREEN CLASSIC ETCHED pieces are recorded as being sold. Websites of the leading Replacment Services value the short sherbet and the 8" plate IN ROSE PINK at 2 times the price of crystal or $70 each - the green priced at least the same, if not higher - of course, they have none to sell in any color. Having 12 TIFFIN CLASSIC Nile Green items offered in one auction is RARE indeed.

REF: GOSHE, HEMMINGER & PINA'S Depression Era TIFFIN Stems&Tableware(1998), various items

As we get on in years, we have ceased our stamp collecting activities, and now, we will be liquidating over 300 pieces of antique glassware that we have accumulated over the past five years. Even more of an inititive is the fact that our Bride of 40 years has indicated that I need to stop my compulsive buying of glassware and sell the stuff that fills up my garage and another room, if I want to make it to 41 years. So, we will move on to new compulsions such as woodworking and fishing. Accordingly, our entire collection of depression era and elegant glassware from the 1920's to 1950's will be sold over the next 3 months at prices 60-80% below book values-don't miss our-probably the largest single hoard of glassware being offered on EBAY.

All the glassware we sell is unconditionally guaranteed to be genuine original antique glass, in the condition as described, and, on top of this, we guarantee that the glass maker, pattern and, etch/cutting/overlay& etch are exactly as stated(only a couple other glass sellers on eBAY make this guarantee).

Notwithstanding the above, in order to give the buyer of our glassware complete peace of mind, all the lots that we are offering are BONDED by "BuySafe"(backed up by a Liberty Mutual Insurance Policy).

About us: We are a bonafide business licensed by the State of NY. For over 25 years we operated as a dealer in rare Postage Stamps(we still are members of 4 Philatelic societies). Recently, we have moved on to become a dealer of fine antique collectibles, as well as creators of floral &other crafts. Everything we sell is unconditionally guaranteed to be as described,however,returns are not possible if our ID label on the underside has been removed. Our shipping costs do not include any "hidden" charges,as with some who set a low start price and then add $10-$20 as a "handling" fee.Usually,we will pack the items ourselves&ship via USPS Insured Priority, charging only the actual postage&insurance fees+$2.50 for the box&bubble wrap. INVENTORY#7712C2000H25016L10060ONE

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