New TIGER 3D Woodcraft Construction Kit Wooden Model Create Design fun set Play

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This is a great little kit to keep you of your child busy for hours, the more models you try out, the better you will get at building them. These are absolutely great to promote basic motor skills as well as hand and eye co-ordination and to stimulate your child's brain.

I have also seen that these are specifically very good to improve patience as well as focus. With so many different things going on around you (i.e. TV, phone, computer, video games, radio, music etc.) it can sometimes be very difficult to focus on the job in hand. Due to the reason that constructing a woodcraft construction kit is so much fun, you are able to fully focus on this one job. Eventually when you learn how to focus on this one job, you learn how to focus on other jobs too.

Great fun for both children and adults! The kit comprises of strong pre-cut plywood sheets. The pieces are pressed out in number sequence, and slotted together to complete a fantastic 3-D model. There are over 90 different models in the range to collect from including animals, planes, dinosaurs, famous buildings, ships and many, many more.

Key features

Simply press out the pieces carefully and slot them
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