Tiger - Cub - Webelos Den Leader Award Knots official "BSA 2010" Backing, Mint

Get all Three, Very Hard to find

Tiger Leader Knot

Wolf & Bear Leader Knot

Webelos Den Leader Award Knot

Mint condition! (New) 3/4 " x 1 3/4" Rectangular

With the new with official "BSA" slogan backing.

See scan - this is the type you will get (backing may vary slightly)!

The proceeds from this auction will go to fund a High Adventure trip to the Boundary waters this summer

Knot History:

In 1934 BSA began issuing ribbon bars similar to the military to represent medals

so scouts and leaders did not always have to wear the medal on the uniform.

In 1946, these ribbons were discontinued and embroidered square knots where used.

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