Tiki Mug vintage Beauce Canada 1952 Beauceware

This is a black and turquoise tiki mug made by Beauce pottery of Canada. Higher quality than most Japanese mugs. No damage. Feel Free to ask any questions.
More info:
The venture of the"Ceramique de Beauce" Inc., also known as Beauceware (trademark), becamean important part of the great industrial adventure of Beauce County, in Quebec country. Established in the first half of the century in 1939, and operating until 1989, the company diffused an innovative image by establishing the production of an industrialized utilitarian art: pottery.
The ceramic products of Beauce transgressed the local market place and quickly reached the Canadian, American and European markets. The Ceramics of Beauce Inc remains a striking example of the resounding evolution of the Beauce "entrepreneurship" venture.