Tiki statues set of 2 Hawaii hand carved hard wood

Aloha Tiki fans. This auction is for a set of hand carved tikis measuring approx. 19" x 8" x 3" and 19" x 6" x 3" they weigh a total of about 6 lbs. They were carved from a native south seas hardwood called Suar. They'd make a great decoration for indoors or out. If going outside I recomend a wood sealer to protect the color from fading. Tikis in of themselves do not represent Gods of Money, Happiness, Luck, etc...These are just comeons for the tourists. Tiki is a representation of Man. Various forms of Tiki however were used to ward off evil spirits and show masculinity. And, I've heard that the more tikis you possess, the more good will come your way. And tikis are like tatoos, once you get one you're hooked and will want more. If you have any questions please feel free to E-mail me at Mahalo, Jason Joffe - Smokin' Tikis