Tillig HO Elite Track System, 85341, Medium Right Hand Straight Point

Tillig HO Elite Track System, 85341, medium Right Hand Point, 11 ° frog angle, 228mm long

I'm selling some spare points, all used, but now surpless to requirements, since my move into a smaller railway room, and having to make more use of Tillig Cirved points, to save space.

All are full electro-frog, suitable for DC or DCC operation, but do need switching and the live frog insulated, to eliminate short circuits (I currently use a Hex Frog Juicer, for the automatic switching of polarity for the live frogs). Full instructions are provided, but they are in German, however, they are very similar as wiring a Peco Electro-frog point, and I will include part of an article from the Web, detailing how to wire these type of points. I have been using their track and points for some time now, and find them very good, with true sprung point blades.

The International Models web site, the UK distributor, does continue to sell a complete range of available new points.

I have four boxes points for sale, each individual auctions, but I would be willing to combine postage.