Thanks for viewing this amazing custom....He's back!!!! Now with the Patriots. The Best Quality, Accuracy, Originality & Realism to detail you will find in a Tim Tebow custom. This is the VERY "FIRST and the ORIGINAL" Tim Tebow customized this way, extremely UNIQUE & RARE! This custom is in a league of it's own, a real piece of Sports Collectible Art, not to be compared to all those basic common tebow customs you see on ebay. Everyone says their Tebow is "1 of a kind"...This is the REAL "1 of a Kind" not another one like it! I'm not the original creator of this awesome custom. I apologize for the bad pics showing dark areas especially around the helmet and face, i assure you his face is there. This is a Mcfarlane figure customized of Tim Tebow of the Denver Broncos and Florida Gators and as accurate as it gets. It was recreated from existing mcfarlane figures and includes custom sculpted elements. It was customized and modified to try and achieve a better resemblance of Tim Tebow. This custom took alot of time, effort, imagination & creativity to create this figure, not just slapping on a so called paint job and some decals and here's your custom. Details include a riddel speed helmet and facemask, wrist play sheet, Florida Gators uniform from his 2007 Heisman winning season. Heisman style pose, game specific cleats for ... read more