Approximately 2500 stamps, 19th and early 20th century issues all carefully placed in a stock book. These stamps were once mounted in an album or on pages that were later cut apart...so currently the vast majority are still attached to the album paper They will all easily soak off.
There are nice sections of British commonwealth, France, German states, Austria, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Italy and states, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Central and South America, stationery cut squares, etc.
We have photographed every page of the stock book so that you can get a good idea of what is included in this collection. Although we tried to group countries as much as possible, bidders should carefully examine all the photos as there is some mixing.
There are some very rare stamps that are facsimiles and they are, in many cases, so marked. Some are quite interesting as they are very early examples.
As to be expected, the condition varies throughout the entire collection from VF to damaged space filler. However, that said, there are many nice stamps to be found throughout.
This is an unpicked collection of stamps, unchecked for watermarks, perfs, postmarks, etc., and the successful bidder should have a great deal of fun going through it...a wonderful way to spend winter evenings!
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