Tin Sand Toy Dumping Sandy No.59 Pittsburgh. PA U.S.A

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Item up for Sale: This is a Tin Sand Toy. It was made in Pittsburgh, PA and is marked Dumping Sandy No.59 Made in Pittsburgh, PA Patented August 31, 1915 Jan. 25, 1916 June 13, 1917. It measures approx. 12 1/4" tall. The toy fits on to a stand as shown in photo 4 and when the sand is poured into the top it dumps into the scoop and the arm drops and the sand dumps out and it goes back up and fills with more sand and so on. The toy is in good working condition but does have some surface scratches and missing paint due to age and being played with. Please See All The Photos For More Details. Please Contact Us With Any Questions. Thank You For Looking! Please See Our Other Listings For More Tin Toys!