A First Edition doll from the Little Girls & Boyds Doll Collection:

Tina's playin' make-believe with best friend and dancing partner Tutu, a pink plush bear dressed like a ballerina! Tina's dance ensemble includes a pale rose-colored taffeta bubble suit with cotton eyelet edging and custom Boyds Bears embroidery on the yoke; a magic wand accented with beads, sparkles, and feathers; a feathery headband with ribbon streamers; and resin ballet slippers designed to resemble soft suede. STYLE NO. 4703

Doll artist Julie Good-Kruger has created an adorable collection of 14-inch dolls. Each is hand-sculpted, hand-cast, hand painted; and features custom-designed clothing and accessories, a porcelain face, hand-fashioned wig, stuffed soft body; and intricately crafted, cold-cast resin hands and feet. The dolls are hand-numbered and bear a stamp on one shoe with the Artist's Hallmark as the Boyds Symbol of Authenticity. Each intricately sculpted doll includes childlike features unique to toddlers - round, rosy cheeks; pudgy arms and legs; round little bellies; and fine, delicate tresses. Each doll tells its own unique story of discovery and includes a floppy friend plus special mini accessories.

Mint condition with all tags. Never removed from original box and packaging.

Doll stand and Certificate of
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