Antique tintype housed in a card envelope - SCOWLING BOY IN FEATHER HAT AND JACKET.

The card is medium-weight paper stock, white on the front, with ornamental gilt rules - measures 3-5/8 x 4-3/4". The back has a thin slip of paper glued on fixing the tintype in place.

The tintype itself is 1/6- plate size, larger than the visible portion, which is matted to a domed shape measuring approximately 2 x 3.25". Uncredited. No place cited (tintype was found in Ohio). Undated - probably about 1870-1880.

The image is a close full-figure seated portrait of a young boy dressed in short trousers, jacket, and feather hat. He also wears stockings with what appear to be garters at the knees, and little high-buttoned shoes. A long chain is visible hanging down from his open jacket, and his shirt is seen to have fine lace edging along the row of buttons. The jacket is of unusual design, with a snap front and a collar guard fastened with large metal brads. The hat is a band surmounted with a dark feather and ornamented with a metal rectangle. The child's cheeks are tinted a delicate pink. The costume is probably of ethnic (immigrant) design.

The child poses cooperatively, witting in a child-sized chair. But there is a stubborn scowl on his face, and his forehead is puckered, as if he is not pleased with either the costume
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