4 Tintypes Charles Kelsea Portrait Couple Manchester NH

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Four portraits featuring members of the Kelsea family. First is a dark-haired, mustached man with the name Charles Kelsea scratched into the back. Next is a photo of another (or the same?) man, also with the name Charles Kelsea scratched into the back. In my opinion, they do not look like the same man but are definitely closely related. Though they may be the same man just at different ages. The next photo is a couple, with what appears to be the same man as the first photo. And the last tintype is a couple with what appears to be the man in the second photo.


2.25 x 3.25 inches

Location: These photos come from a New Hampshire estate. Other family photos from the same era were taken at Manchester studios.


Fair condition. The first tintype is in rough shape with scratches, bends and bubbles. Still some good detail though. The second tintype has less scratches but the image is a little fogged, not quite so clear. The next tintype has a rough surface and crease down the middle. The last is in good condition with just mild scratches, and it's a little dark.

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