Tirschenreuth Porcelain Dresden Oval Platter Bavaria

Tirschenreuth Porcelain 12" oval Platter Dresden Decoration

No chips or cracks

1828 - 1927

This oval platter is from Tirchensreuth Bavaria in the Dresden pattern. This company was in business and using this mark from 1838 to 1927. Bavaria as an independent country ceased to exist in 1871 when it was incorporated into the German State. So that dates this plate, I believe, to prior to 1871. Regardless of it's age it is a beautiful thing in excellent conditon. T are no chips, cracks or crazing and the decoration is in excellent condition except for one tiny place on the pink tulip in the center. It looks like it never was painted in or wore off. That's the only real wear evident any place on the platter. Check the price of this on other china websites w you'd normally buy a Replacements. You'll see this is a tremendous bargain. And a gorgeous piece of porcelain. Bid to win.

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