TITANIC "The ICEBERG" w/Authentic Signature of survivor

TITANIC "THE ICEBERG" Authentic Limited Edition No. 267 of limited 500 Framed collage. Personally signed by Titanic Survivor Millvina Dean . Comes with Certificate of Authenticity and a picture of survivor holding picture (pictured in one of attached photos). This collectible was aquired several years ago (at considerable expense) and is destined to increase in value. Plaque reads as follows:


The iceberg pictured , with ominous streaks of paint, was photographed off the coast of Newfoundland in April, 1912. This photo has been reproduced from the original which was distributed by Newspaper Illustrations, an English company, which provided photographs for the publications of the day. The picture is signed by Millvina Dean, the youngest survivor (9 weeks old) of the sinking.

The photograph of the Titanic is an extremely rare view of the great ship leaving Belfast, Ireland on April 2, 1912 for her first sea trials. The picture to the right is Captain Edward J. Smith who perished in the disaster.

Limited Edition 267/500