TITANIC TIN Litho TOY Steam Pop Pop BOAT Ship Replica quality toy

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Titanic Toy Ship Putt Putt Tin Boat Steamer

Explore the grandeur of the Titanic with our largest tin pop pop ship! Our attractive, high quality toy ship is a reproduction of the Titanic and Steamship tin toys that were popular in the 1920's and 1930's. Adult collectors will marvel at the faithfully-reproduced colors, the sturdy construction, and the actual working steam engine. This ship features a miniaturized steam engine that simply requires a lit candle to warm the real steam boiler. Once lit, the RMS Titanic will chug across open water with a staccato "pop, pop" sound, which is one of the most recognizable and nostalgic features of this incredible reproduction.
This classic Titanic Tin Toy Ship is a member of the Tin Toy Treasures Collection - exclusively at .
Type: Tin Toy Ship - Built-in Pop Pop Engine - Candle and Instructions Included
Size: 14 inches long (14 x 4 x 3 inches) Package: Collectors Kraft Gift Box with Color Label - " Titanic Pop Pop Ship"