Titanium Lamellar Plates, SCA LARP armor armour

Highly Polished Titanium Lamellar plates in the "international" 12 hole pattern.

Each plate is 1" x4" in size, made of .040 6al-4v grade-5 Titanium.

Titanium lamellar armour is the -ultimate- in the lamellar line for protection, durability, and light weight.

(this grade of titanium is 6x the tensile strength of stainless steel, at 40% the weight)

Approximately 50 plates will cover 1 square foot when laced together. please see our other auction items for lacing material.

auction is for a pack of 10 plates

The two other pictures shown are examples of the types of harnesses that can be put together using plates like this.

Lamellar is one of the most popular types of armour for SCA and LARP use, as it combines durability with flexibility, in a package that is easy to assemble to fit yourself properly.

a 10 pack of these titanium plates weighs .26 lbs