Title of PRINCE Verifiable Aristocratic Noble Title

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This Is Your OPPORTUNITY To Receive The Title of

PRINCE or PRINCESS of The Duchy of Bohemia

("Prinz" or "Prinzessin" von Bohmen)

This Title of Prinz/Prinzessin von Bohhmen is a Non-Territorial Title without a principality, granted to one not a member of the current reigning Royal Family of the Duchy of Bohemia .


or for the Noble Lady, Princess

You are bidding on the Verifiable and Inheritable Noble and Aristocratic Title of PRINCE (or PRINCESS for a Lady).

This listing is for the titular title of Prince (Prinz), without principality territory and without blood link to the reigning royal family of Bohemia (as described further below).

This award is being made available on edict of the reigning monarch, in celebration of the imminent birth of his granddaughter.

The low resolution sample picture of your Letters Patent below simply cannot do justice to this gorgeous document which conveys to you your title. It does not show the stunning colored ribbons on the embossed gold seal bearing the emblem of the Duchy of Bohemia, nor does it show the hand produced red sealing wax impression bearing the grantor's heraldic signet impressed ton before the sealing wax hardens . It cannot begin to show the impressive beauty you receive with your large DeLuxe 11" x 14" Letters Patent and all the other official documents you'll receive as described below should you be the successful bidder for this Title!

Also NOTE that your documents will be individually prepared for you AFTER completion of the auction (this is NOT an "off the shelf" item), to the order of the successful bidder so be sure you provide us with your full name as you wish it to appear and your gender, and allow a few business days for document preparation and registration with The College of Arms & Heraldry.

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