Titleist Vokey 258-08 WRX GTO Sq. Gr. Ported wedge

This is a Nomad Tour Van shop display. Titleist Bob Vokey model 258-08 with 58 * loft & 8 * bounce, in Raw Satin Finish (no chrome/will rust with use. It has the Nomad Golf WRX treatment, square grooves, porting and our " GTO " tour grind. The shaft is a True Temper Nomad 355 Boss Spin stiff wedge flex with a Sharpro grip. Overall condition is 99%. The grooves are deeper & sharper than new from the factory. This will add 15%+ more backspin to any ball.No reserve.

Our square grooves conform to the USGA rules max width .035" a7d max depth .020. The machine square grooves we do are square at the top edge w the rubber meets the road, the bottom of the groove is not a right angle. This makes our grooves legal on all tours.F.Y.I. page 123 d. of the USGA rule book states that decorative markings (mill marks) must not influnce the movement of the ball.

All overall club lengths and swing weights are to industry standards. Typical 47* loft to 53* loft are 35.50" & d-2 swing weight. Typical 54* to 57* are 35.25" & d-5 swing weight. Typical 58* to 64* are 35" & d-5 swing weight. Mitchell performance golf equipment is used for accurate measuring of club building.

We are an authorized True Temper, Rifle & Tour Concept shaft fitter. Just google tour concept and find us listed under Florida locations for
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