TNT Summit Jump/Break, LOADED! Samsara Tip, G-10 Pin, Full Splice!!!

This is a brand new TNT Summit Break/Jump

Time to move away from the same old same old boring Break/Jumps and move into a cue that looks awesome and performs even better! I think the pictures alone tell the story but after looking at the pics, take a look at the construction and components used in this AMERICAN MADE cue and you will see that this is anything but ordinary.

We have sold quite a few of these on AzBilliards and at some of the regional pool tourneys and they get nothing but rave reviews.

Solid Bocote fully spliced into a Purpleheart forearm with a solid Puprleheart shaft. Because we use solid Bococte and Purpleheart wood which is quite dense, they break like a monster and jump as well as just about any dedicated jump cue.

This cue has a G-10 3/8-10 main pin and a steel quick release jump joint pin. It is all set to go with BCA legal Samsara leather break/jump tip, canvas phenolic buttcap, joint collars and ferrule.

The cue weighs approximately 19oz

The main butt section weighs 8.7oz, the jump/butt section weighs 5.4oz and the shaft weighs 4.9oz witha tip diameter of approximately 13mm

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