TOA Ts 702 Delegate's Unit with Gooseneck Microphone

Product Information
TS-702 Delegate's Unit with Gooseneck Microphone

The TOA TS-702 delegate microphone station comes with an easy to store detachable gooseneck microphone and a built-in speaker. The TS-702 is easy to use; it features a single on/off button and a distinctive red ring light that notifies the user and others when the microphone is engaged. It is equipped with mini-jack audio output for easy recording, and a quick-lock mini connector for the 6.5 foot connection cable.

These units are designed for flexibility. Any number of them (up to 70) can be arranged in a “daisy chain” structure with the included cable for connection to the TS-700 system controller and power supply. This 'daisy chain' is also meant to include one or more TS-701 chairperson microphone stations, which provide extra control features for use by the meeting's moderator(s). The range of the TS-700 can be extended by 32.8 ft. (10 m) with the YR-700 extension cable, allowing it to be placed at the chairperson station, or in an external location for control by an engineer.

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Specification Power Requirements 35 VDC, under 3
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