Tobacco Card Set, Hignett, BROADCASTING, History of Radio, 1935

Description: Original Tobacco Card Set - Hignett, Broadcasting. This set of 50 cards was issued in 1935.
Condition: Excellent.
PLEASE NOTE: None of my cards have been trimmed or altered in any way. If they appear out of shape it will be due to my poor scanning and not poor cards!
Plus: If you're not familiar with tobacco cards they were issued as free insert with packets of cigarettes in the year stated above. Below is an image of the first few cards in this set, this set like all my others sets come in plastic storage pages as shown. Subjects featured in this set are as follows: Broadcasting House, Studio Listening Room, Control Room Broadcasting House, Droitwich Transmitting Station, Transmitter Power Control Desk Droitwich, Simultaneous Broadcast System, Control Room Leeds, Studio No.2 Cardiff, The Orchestral Studio Leeds, Studio No.1 Manchester, Northern Childrens Hour Manchester, BBC Northern Orchestra Manchester, Studio No.2 Birmingham, Broadcasting House Newcastle, Studio No.1 Bristol, A Broadcast Discussion, Broadcasting a History Lesson, School Broadcasts A Nature Study Lesson, BBC Symphony Orchestra in the Queens Hall, Opera Broadcasts Amplifier Equipment at Covent Garden, Outside Broadcast Hut, Broadcasting a Test Match, Broadcasting the Grand National, Broadcasting the Boat Race the BBC Launch Magician,
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