Tobacco Card Set, Mitchell, A MODEL ARMY, Pop-Up, Stand-Up, 1932

Description: Original Tobacco Card Set - Stephen Mitchell & Son, A Model Army. This set of 30 cards was issued in 1932. An unusual item, especially in this condition. These cards 'press-out' to form stand up cards to depict your own war scene. These cards are unused.
Condition: Excellent.
PLEASE NOTE: None of my cards have been trimmed or altered in any way. If they appear out of shape it will be due to my poor scanning and not poor cards!
Plus: If you're not familiar with tobacco cards they were issued as free insert with packets of cigarettes in the year stated above. Below is an image of the first few cards in this set, this set like all my others sets come in plastic storage pages as shown. Subjects featured in this set are as follows: The King Takes the Salute, Group of Officers on Active Service, The Life Guards, The Band of the Life Guards, Royal Horse Guards, Fifteen Inch Howitzer, Anti-Aircraft Gun, Dragon Tractor with Field Gun and Crew, Anti-Tank Gun in Action, Stokes Mortar on Track Vehicle (A & B), Semaphore Signalling (R A), Royal Engineers with Searchlight, Bridge Building with Pontoons (A & B), Mobile Signal Office & Despatch Riders, Grenadier Guards, Scots Guards, The Cameronians (Scottish Rifles), The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, Modern British Infantry, Drum and Fife Band,
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