Tobacco Cards,Players,ARMY LIFE,TRAINING,SOLDIERS,1910

Description: Original Tobacco Card Set - John Player & Sons, Army Life. This set of 25 cards was issued in 1910.
Condition: Very Good.
PLEASE NOTE: None of my cards have been trimmed or altered in any way. If they appear out of shape it will be due to my poor scanning and not poor cards!
Plus: If you're not familiar with tobacco cards they were issued as free insert with packets of cigarettes in the year stated above. Below is an image of the first few cards in this set, this set like all my others sets come in plastic storage pages as shown.

Subjects featured in this set are as follows: Bringing in Wounded Man, Field Wagon, Warkite Drill, Laying a Field Telegraph Line, Firing from Gun Pit, Pitching Tents, Watering Horses, Filtering Water, Field Telegraph Office, Jumping with Led Horse, Bayonet Fighting, Lamp Signalling, Map Reading Class, Picking up Wounded, Cyclist Scout Section, Unpacking Waggon, Mechanical Transport Section, Lance v Sword, Making Gas for War Balloon, Filling War Balloon, Searchlight Section, Balloon Drill, Starting the Engine, Presentation of Long Service Medals & Flag Signalling. Description of Condition

POOR: Usually torn or creased cards, damage to picture or damage to reverse of card, damaged (rounded) corners also if card is very dirty.

FAIR: Showing signs of considerable
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