Tobacco Pipe Collection

TobaccoPipe Collection

For many years, Grandpa collected, what he called 'ENGINEERED' pipes.

We are downsizing and no longer have room for all the 'stuff '.

Included in this collection:

Beautiful 18 hole, walnut lazy Susan pipe holder with humidor, manufactured by Decatur Industries. (humidor was never used for tobacco).

Plumb Peacemaker

Kirsten (pats & pats pend Canadian 400)

Green KoolSmoke

Gold Filto (closed end)

Medico Ventilator

Quiet Comrade

Featherweight Airograte (by Yello-Bole)

Twin Flow

Gold Filto (open end)

Jet Pipe

Viking (pat 171694)

Yello-Bole (pat 2487002)

Kirsten ( U.S.A. S)

Gold KoolSmoke

Aristocob (with case and 5 corncob inserts)

MelloPure (with box and assembly/cleaning instructions)

Kaywoodie Filter Pipe (pat 3.079.927 with extra bowl)

Jima Garland

Companion ( U.S.A. K) (Kirsten ??) missing mouth piece

Colibri Coolway (missing mouth piece)

Extra Kirsten bowl and several screw on bowls

All are unsmoked or very lightly used.

Our PayPal got hacked and PayPals response was 'OH WELL', so we closed our account and, for now, accept all legal tender the old fashion way: Snail Mail.
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