Tobin's FIRST PRIZE Meat Company Albany NY - PAM CLOCK

Pam Advertising Clock

1957 - Tobin's FIRST PRIZE Meat Food Products

To the Pam Clock Collector - 's a good one! This 50 year old clock is in excellent condition...looking grand and running smooth. BID WITH CONFIDENCE and prepare to enjoy your new treasure!

The paint is in great shape, though t is some basic crackling going on that is not noticeable unless you get really close to the piece. T is also a small paint piece missing around the number 2 - one of the photos should illustrate both minor flaws.

For some fun stuff - check out this little web site (chat area), w people have left little tid-bits about the Tobin's Meat Company and the family...both originally from New York:


Thanks for taking the time to stop by. It's a pleasure to be able to offer this fine piece of Advertising History! Enjoy the auction and please let me know if you have any questions - Missmussy.