Toggle Switch Donut, Metal Pickup selector / EMG, Rose / fit SG, LP, Les Paul, V

The high class metal surrounds are all captivate with their high quality, perfect fit and extraordinary look.
Each Snakebite-Guitarpart is entire manufactured in a single piece production (made by order) in germany.
Get a real eye catcher for your guitar!
This is a handcrafted metal Switch-surround by Snakebite custom Guitardesign.
In the variations you can select between many black letterings in different designs and if you want your favorite design on Satin Silver, Satin Gold or Brushed Metal skin.
Each of these surrounds fit on all electric guitars with a standard Toggle-Switch (as Gibson, ESP, B.C.Rich). It can be mounted very easy, you only need to place the surround between the guitarbody and the Toggle-Switch nut.
The Surround is in 35 mm diameter and 0,8 mm (or 1,5 mm Brushed Metal) height. The diameter of the hole is 12 mm, to fit around any standard ToggleSwitch.
- 3 skins available
- Many designs available
- Solid metal
- Ring Diameter 35 mm
- Hole Diameter 12 mm
Guitar and Switch are not part of this selling.
More guitarparts in outstanding designs, you can find in our range of items here on eBay.
You can not find the right stuff for your guitar?
- Tell us, what you need and we will craft a metal-copy of your original part.
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