Tokai ES-60 Semi Electric Guitar

Tokai ES-60 Semi Electric Guitar
Maple arched top, side and back Rosewood fingerboard Humbucking Pickups
The description below is as honest as I can be but please message me if you have any questions regarding this item. The Guitar is a copy of a Gibson 335 as played by Chuck Berry and George Harrison etc. I have never really played it and could only describe it as having vey light use at best as I tend to always go to my Stratocaster or Les Paul guitars instead. There is no damage or wear on any part of the guitar except for a few light scratches on the pickguard that you can only see in bright light. Its a very clean example and had been very well cared for and never gigged. It's possibly as good an example as you are likely to find on E-bay.
I had it professionally set up last year by local guitar guru John Haire and it plays beautifully. The frets have been leveled and polished and strings set nice and low to the fretboard. It plays as nice as it looks. Sound wise its very versatile, from blues, jazz and hard rock it'll do it all. I'm sure there are plenty of vids on you tube for you to check out.
As you can see from the photos it is a chinese model but don't let that put you off. Most guitars of this price are produced in the east. I have played a much more expensive Japanese version of the same guitar
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