Token Response - Art Criticism Game Mary Erickson PhD

Token Response
Art Criticism & Aesthetics Game
Mary Erickson,Ph.D. & Eldon Katter, Ph.D.

Token Response is an instructional resource that challenges students to encounter important questions and distinctions about art and their responses to it. It stimulates active looking, thinking and discussing art work, deals with issues in aesthetics and art criticism, and to a lesser extent, art production. Box states for grades K-12.

The Following description is from the J. Paul Getty Museum website:
Token Response is an interactive game that helps students learn about art criticism and aesthetics, created by Dr. Mary Erickson and Dr. Eldon Katter.

It contains a set of eight tokens (30 each) that represent different ideas about art. The tokens represent personal preference, economic considerations, time expenditure, preference of others, originality, craftsmanship, judgement, and dislike.

T are many ways to play the game, making it applicable to all age groups.

One example of a way to play the game is to put out several postcards or small prints of artworks on a table. Have each student examine the works. Pass out one token to each student and ask them to place their token by the postcard that fits the idea the best in their opinion (the "heart" token represents the work they personally

The game is really a discussion tool, as after the students make their choices, you lead them in a discussion about their choices and the reasons why they made them. They discuss ideas about the value of art, originality, and beauty, to name a few. It is also fun to examine patterns that occur, such as if many students choose one artwork as the one they like the best, but another for which they think shows the most craftsmanship. You can ask them why similarities and differences of opinion occur.

Token Response can be used over and over with any combination of images, depending on your lesson. The game also comes with reproducible handouts in Spanish and English and a teacher's guide with ideas for how to use it in the classroom and on museum field trips.

Condition: Like New. Game pieces, teachers' guide and sample handouts are all pristine and included in original box. The box is marked on 2 sides with yellow marker "art game".

NOTES:Dr Erickson has worked with the National School Board Association, the Getty Center for Education in the Arts, numerous state Art Education Associations and Art Museums, coauthored several art education games and was chosen to serve as a visiting scholar for the Getty Center of Education in the Arts.

Dr. Katter has co-authored the MELD series of art education games and has served as a consultant in several staff development institutes and projects sponsored by the Getty Center for Education in the Arts. In 1994, he was selected to serve as editor of School Arts Magazine.

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