Tokens:Game Counter 1800's " Keep Your Temper

22 mm,BR

Please note: Some of our older pictures, especially silver and nickel do not look natural. Our newer attempts are really nice. I do not have time to go back and reshoot all 2000+ of them. Therefore, unless I specifically state a coin has been cleaned or has had a past cleaning, then I believe it has not been cleaned. In most cases the coins are far better than those lousy pictures. So buy with confidence, as satifaction is always garaunteed. Read our feedback because a lot of people mention how much better they are in reality.

If the above item is a coin, when it is attributed or graded, every effort is made to be as accurate as possible; however, good people can differ. Grading by me or anyone else should be a guide only. Please look at the pictures very carefully before bidding. If you have a question, please do not hesitate to email me. Third party grading (that is slabs) are strictly the opinion of the grading company and not ours, bid accordingly. Just as a note: UNC to me is probably an MS60 to MS62; BU, is probably MS63 or MS64; a Gem BU is likely to be MS64 or MS65 depending on the eye appeal to me. If I think a coin is MS66 or better it is already in my collection.

All items are guaranteed to be authentic and as described. If you are not totally satisfied simply return item in original
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