Tolkien Lord of the Rings : War of the Ring Vol VIII Hardcover DJ 1st

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In Great Condition

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War of the Ring 1st Hardcover!

Please Please be advised it will be a FULL SIZE picture! Don't ya just hate when somebody says But we give people the option that want to see the actual item (we don't use any pictures other then the real item up for bid!). But if you want to really see what you are buying then !

Reason Being Sold: (I always wonder why people sell things when I buy stuff)

I have been collecting tolkien stuff for 35 years, ever since my uncle would read to me from the Lord of the Rings books when I was 5 years old! I was hooked. Over the years (well before the movies came out) I would get my hands on anything tolkien related that I could afford - and not afford at times too. In the early 2000's ebay was a great resource to buy tolkien stuff from other collectors! I have two Book cases full of tolkien related stuff in my collection. I love it all very dearly!

Well the economy has been pretty bad for me lately (not just me I'm sure)....... I was debating selling off my rather large Tolkien collection but I really didn't want to. Then hurricane Sandy hit (I live in NJ) and between the damage from downed trees and the economy, I am now forced to let go of
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