Tom Clark Collectible Gnomes Rare Uncle Herschel

(Rare) Tom Clark Gnomes!

Uncle Herschel!

Dated 1985

Number 16

Other than a little dusty, it has been locked up for years! This piece is in mint condition. This listing is for Tom Clark's SPECIAL EDITION MADE EXCLUSELY FOR THE CRACKER BARRELL RESTAURANT. It is called Uncle Herschel he weighs about 10 lbs. It has the Cracker Barrell's name on the side of the chair and right below it says Old Country Store. This is such a unique one. My husband and I when we were collecting gnomes regularly, and saw this one at the Cracker Barrel we had no choice but to buy it, we eat t all the time. It does have beautiful coloring This would make a great addition to any collection. Each gnome that Tom Clark created has a special story and many have been created from real people or real situations with him directly.

The new gnomes are starting to be created and manufactured overseas. These will be the last you can get from not only America but from Davidson North Carolina. Each creation is hand-cast in compounds that is made of medium resin and is individually hand painted antiqued and highlighted. Dr. Clark since around the 80's has been the artist and later on the lead artist for Carin Studio, actually it was right out of his house. We have been t many times in the 80's.

Each piece is carefully
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