Tom Clark - Sweethearts, Wedding Prayer & Bride & Groom

This collection of Tom Clark wedding gnomes includes Sweethearts, Wedding Prayer, and the Retired Bride and Groom. Sweethearts and Bride and Groom have Certificates of Authenticity. All have been well cared for and have no defects. Photos of the three Woodspirit couples and their stories, written by Tom Clark, are below.
Sweethearts, #5442 , created May 24, 2000
"When you're in love two hearts beat as one. So it is very symbolic that these sweethearts are standing inside the heart that frames their feelings for one another. Whether they are just getting married or renewing their vows, they are definitely starting the 21st Century together. Their lucky coin is a new 2000 penny. It obviously makes good cents to marry the one you love. this couple would like to offer their best wishes to other sweethearts and are willing to be placed on top of a wedding cake whenever possible. I enjoy personalizing statues when it is appropriate, and this one will be easy to inscribe with first names and a wedding date. Please bring these sweethearts to a signing event so I can sign their heart and offer my best wishes as well."
Wedding Prayer, #5506, released July, 2002
" 'Almighty and ever-blesed God, whose presence isthe happiness of every condition, and whose favor hallows everyrelation; We beseech Thee to be present and favorable
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