Tom Lasorda HOF autographed baseball

Hi, my name is Pete Cruz. I've been a memorabilia collector for more than 20 years. I've gotten my autographs, in person,

at signing shows, spring training, and fantasy camps in Florida. I've been able to get close to some of the players

through my photography of Latin American countries. Starting with Livan Hernandez. He gave me some of his game used

equipment for photos of Cuba. After that, I went to the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico to get nice photos to trade with

the players. Today, many players show off my pictures in their homes and I have a pretty impressive sports collection to

show off in mine.

Unfortunately, a home improvement project that has gone way overbudget has forced me to put my items up for sale. If you

lookat my feedback, you'll see that I ship fast and sell real autographs for great prices. I stand behind everything I sell and

will return your money if my item doesn't pass an authentication test from any reputable authenticator.

Thanks and good luck in your bidding.