Tom Peterson Clock and Silver Anniversary Coins

Anyone watching TV or listening to radio in the 70s - 80s in Portland OR will remember Tom Peterson commercials, he was always giving away something with a purchase of course. The clock is one of his most popular premium offers and fairly rare today. The alarm on the clock is Toms own voice saying " WAKE-UP WAKE-UP TO A HAPPY DAY. It is battery operated (included) and in perfect condition, the face is as bright as Tom's smile. The clock is 1980s vintage. It is valued at $250.00 by some dealers
The "silver coins" are silver dollar size with tom's face and slogan "THE HAPPY PLACE TO BUY on one side and silver anniversary 1963-1988 on the other. The coins are in a plastic case and boxed in a jewelry style clamshell. The coins weigh one ounce and I would say brilliant uncirculated.
The auction is for one clock and two coins as shown in gallery photo. Shipping includes insurance