Tomahawk,Hand forged from gun barrel, primitive

Hand forged tomahawk made from a shot out .45 cal octagon black powder barrel. Head is 6 5/8" long with a 2 1/8" wide blade. Handle is curly maple 21 1/2" long, completely hand worked, no power tool touched it! Has solid brass tacks for decoration. Not drilled for smoking. I make these for display and "dress up " occasions and are not tempered to throw, however I have thrown mine a few times and it throws good! Just telling you, not encouraging!! I drift these with a standard hawk drift so a replacement handle should be easy to come by if the need arises. Not sharpened, but easily done so with a file. is a chance to get a genuine hand forged gun barrel hawk at a good price! I make very few of these because scrap gun barrels are not readily had, most people bring me a pistol barrel to rework. Thanks for looking and good luck bidding!