Whip loves running, climbing and playing with his friends, particularly Mocha and Sesame ? unlike some puppies, he loves cats! Micro Pets-i Whip, dog, has a personality of his very own. This Whip dog from Micro Pets moves, walks, sings and chases things like he has a mind of his own. Just tap the floor in front of him with your finger to activate each of the 5 modes. Micro Pets-i can even sing together! Singing mode - if you knock the floor 4 times, they will now be in singing mode. Each Micro Pet can sing 2 songs and the songs are different for each type. (bear, dog and cat) Avoiding mode - knock the floor twice and your Micro Pet will say 'Let's Go'. Your pet will then be able to dodge anything that comes in its path. Following mode - if you knock 3 times, your pet will say 'Let's Play' and they are then in following mode. In following mode Micro Pets follow the ball or your fingers. Communication mode - when 2 micro pets face each other, they start to communicate by infra-red and start singing together. Bonus mode - Fortune Telling mode - when Micro Pets have communicated with each other over 5 times, they then randomly move into Fortune Telling mode. When in Fortune Telling mode they will sing to each other; if they have chemistry then they will sing the wedding march, if they don't get
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