Tone King Falcon guitar amplifier in cream - no reserve!!

Tone King Falcon guitar amplifier in cream - /models/falcon/#summary
This is a great little guitar amp with a lot of features that belie it's apparent simplicity - it is surprisingly versatile for a three-knob amp, and surprisingly loud for it's size; it is easily loud enough to compete with drums played at a reasonable level, and is in fact the perfect size for small club and pub gigs. The built-in 'Ironman' attenuator makes it just as useful for home or studio use - allowing you to milk real power-stage tube distortion at a reasonable volume that won't rile the neighbours.
I bought this recently, and it's only had light use - mainly home and studio use, and a couple of low-key trio and duo gigs. It is in perfect condition - I would confidently describe it as 'as new'. I checked it over thoroughly and could not find a blemish on it.
It is in full working order and sounds great - it just didn't quite work out for my needs, but who's to say it won't be the perfect amp for you?
Comes with the original shipping carton and packaging - power transformer is configured for the UK power supply, i.e., 240V.

"Tone King's popular 12W, 1x10 Falcon channels the simplicity and grease fired glory of pure old-school guitar tone.

Inspired by the rounded, burnished tones, syrupy overdrive, and chunky
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