Tool Compatible w/ Ping Rapture Irons Driver G2 G5 G10

Sharpen Your Wedge & Irons back to Life.

Excellent tool. Definitely does the job. Thanks for shipping USPS very satisfied.

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Works like a champ. Very impressesd with the results/quality of product.

Buyer: sheldonk8


The Groove Sharpener has been purchased by over 5000+ EBay members since Oct 20 th 2004.

The Tool has been perfected over the last few years and is now the top selling Groove Sharpener on the internet.

Great tool, made my clubs like new again. Very easy to use.

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You are buying a new golf GROOVE SHARPENER that will re-cut the grooves of your irons and wedges to factory sharp and beyond.

Sharpen Your Old Wedge Back To Life.

Sharpen grooves to the USGA LIMIT

This is the only groove sharpener that has two different ends that cuts both U & V grooves. Its like getting 2 Groove Sharpeners for the price of 1.

This is the very hardest groove sharpener you can get.

The Groove Sharpener will hold its edge better then any Groove Sharpener on the market.

The Groove Sharpener is designed to work with all groove types and sizes.

This Groove Sharpener Now Comes With Rubber End Caps. The caps make it
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