4 Nice Old Tootsietoy Retro Car Cars & Trailer Slush

Howdy!! We buy from local NY & PA & Canadian estates ,we are not in love with the stuff ,so we're here to move it and we sell almost all of it with no reserve.Today,purchased right out of a local estate,we are selling part of a large hoard of recently found toys.Alot of them are still marked with the 5 or 10 cent pricing,as they were out of an old store and never sold.This auction is for the 4 different retro styled cars and the red trailer by Tootsietoys.The cars are in original paint & condition and the tires are in good condition.The cars are about 3" long overall.The trailer towing tip has broken off, is included, and is an easy glue up.A nice set of Tootsietoy toys to add to your collection.I will have alot of cast iron slush & pressed steel toys listed seperately,.ENJOY & USA shipping will be $4.50 with delivery confirmation.Payment to be made within 3 days or negative feedback will be left and item relisted. > > We feel things here on ebay should be pretty simple. We list it, You bid ,You win & pay for it and we will ship it to you, as noted in the photos & description.Seems pretty simple to us! Although both ebay and paypal are ruining a good thing, by making rediculous hoops for us to jump through and charging way too much,it is still the only game in town (but i've heard someone is working ... read more