ATTENTION : International shipping rates changes (see below listing under shipping)

NOTE: eBay has implemented its new FEEDBACK policy to which ANY customer for ANY reason or ANY excuse can give sellers (i.e. "us") negative feedback. Please understand, we have served thousands of "satisfied" customers and processed thousands of orders - far more than our feedback records indicate - It is our intention to give EACH and EVERY buyer our best possible service and we are known to ALWAYS deliver your purchased item. ALL items paid for are processsed 'outbound' to each and EVERY customer, satisfaction guaranteed . Keep in mind we have serviced THOUSANDS of satisfied customers and our aim is to continue to do so.

We make every effort to mail all orders out Friday of each week. Keep in mind our listings are time consuming in detail and we are often traveling to find these gems, which at times delays the delivery schedule by a day or two at most . We also strive to keep our shipping and handling costs as close to actual charges as reasonable.

TO OUR REPEAT CUSTOMERS : We often get requests to hold orders to save on shipping. We are happy to do that . Please pay your current invoice within five days of auctions ending and IF YOU REQUEST we will hold your order and reflect a shipping discount for each additional order
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