Top-Flite 108 Mix Mint Used Golf Balls (AAAAA) 5A Quality 9 Dozen Top Flite

The Used Mint Grade golf balls are the highest quality golf ball in the marketplace. There are like new and will feel and play as a new golf ball would. Its shading is excellent. Th balls will be CLEANED and WASHED. This mix may HAVE coorporate LOGOS* and player pen markings. *Percentage varies anywhere from 0% to 100% logo balls depending on stocks



Same as a new golf ball

May include some logos, VERY MINOR or NO players pen marks, cuts or scuffs


Golf balls are great for practice rounds. The golf balls are cosmetically challenged, but that will not affect their distance, flight path or trajectory. The color and sheen of the golf balls may be inconsistent. Expect golf balls to have corporate logos, small scuffs or player markings. B Still very playable golf ball Multiple flaws and noticeable wears. Still very playable, expect tanning on some golf balls of this grade. Logo will be on some golf balls. C Playability starts to be reduced by the golf ball flaws, but still good for practice practice. Some will have logos, tanning, scuffs and players pen marks, but no cuts. This mix may include refinished balls. D Designated non-striped golf balls for personal practice These are the bottom of the barrel white balls. Their flaws include color damage, scuffing,
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